The factory was founded 80 years ago, in Elgoibar, Guipuzcoa. Avelino Arrieta, the founder, had many talents and thanks to these, all the craft activity became a highly competitive company, which exported weapons, not only to the rest of Spain, but also abroad.

 With my friend Juan Carlos Arrieta
During the 60’s, his sons, Victor and Jose Arrieta, provided the brand with an international approach and soon after, they were exporting their shotguns all over the world, foremost to England and the United States of America.
 Today, the founder’s descendants, Juan Carlos and Asier, have reorganized the business, preserving its traditional and familiar, as well as, international identity. 
 Arrieta provides you with the most exclusive handmade shotguns, which are manufactured by the most skillful team of gunsmiths, some of whom have come to the company following in the steps of their parents. We can appreciate this exceptional quality in the materials, the devotion to the detail and the oil in the wood finish, which is applied by hand. All these qualities have made the Arrieta recognition possible, all over the world.
Nowadays, Arrieta manufactures 240 units per year. (98% shotguns and 2% double rifles), and all of them are customized to your requirements and needs, making it an exclusive product.