Beceite Spanish Ibex hunt

Back in January 2019 we purchased a hunt at Safari Club with Val for two hunters and two guests to hunt for Beceite Ibex,

Beceite Ibex

Mouflon and Chamois. It was a dream of mine to hunt Ibex and in December that dream became a reality.

Beceite Spanish Ibex

Val and his team went above and beyond, exceeding our wildest expectations. This was a trip of a lifetime. We saw multiple trophy quality animals each and every day.

Black Fallow deer

European Fallow deer

We harvested six beautiful animals in eight days and went home with big smiles on our faces.

Iberian Mouflon

European Mouflon

Ibex Hunt Spain is a world-class outfitter and we would highly recommend Valeriano to anyone that has considered a hunting trip to Spain. You will not be disappointed!!

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