One day I was looking for some information in Internet to plan my next hunting trip. Which wanted to find out in a game called IbexHuntSpain. I would contact your manager Valeriano Belles.

My idea was to go to Spain to hunt next year, but Valeriano told me that he had a Gredos license for this year. It was the last license, which was another hunter, who had been booked for this year, but he had a problem family and he couldn´t go hunting this Ibex. I only had three days of hunting possible, because my business, a very quick trip!, I made a quick flight booking plane and went to Spain.

Valeriano and his assistant were waiting for me at the airport in Madrid, the problem was that my luggage was lost with the rifle in Copenhagen, so I had to hunt with a rifle belonging to the company. We drove up to Barco de Avila, the hotel was fantastic, a beautiful place, we went to dinner at a restaurant that was at the center of town, very good red wine and ham, which made this a very good environment.

Valeriano promised me that the first day of hunting, I shoot a big Ibex Gredos.

The next morning, they picked me at the hotel and went to the hunting area where a government agent was waiting, he asked me for my passport and hunting license, so I will give them to him and he checked all, before starting the hunt Valeriano told me it was a good idea to test the rifle and the trigger, the rifle is a Remington caliber 270WSM charged Valeriano.
The hunting area was in one side of the Reserve Game Gredos, where we saw different groups Ibex but those were out of our hunting area, were in reserve, he told me that in the afternoon the ibex would come to our area to eat, because they have no food in another area, then we went to town for lunch.

Ibex hunting in spring is different from hunting in the winter, in spring the Ibex is sleeping almost all day, they are only moving when the day begins and ends.

When we finished eating we returned to the hunting area, just as we left the car, he saw a group of animals were eating in our area, Valeriano saw a large Ibex group eating and he said me: “Look! ! This is your ibex”. We were approaching the group of ibex and when we were near them, about 160 meters, we saw two ibex eating into a bush, they were eating the flowers. Valeriano put the backpack on a rock and told me: “Can you see the ibex to the right? That is your Ibex when you want, you can shoot “.

After the shooting, the Ibex walked a few meters, then fell in the bushes. When we approached the body of the ibex, and I saw the animal, we realized that this was one of the fantastic, their horns were heavy and long, it was a beautiful animal, the shot was perfect, was a fantastic hunt. We taked many pictures, the ibex was a gold medal, was a fantastic trophy. We ran back to the car, that was starting to rain and was throne.

We went to dinner at the hotel and remembered the words of Valeriano: “The first day of hunting, you shot a big Ibex Gredos.”

Valeriano is a very serious man.

My congratulations to the company IbexHuntSpain, its director and its staff.

Text written by Jóhannes Stefansson
Here it´s the video film :