The Spanish Red deeris one of the largest of the World’s deer species.  In winter, its coat is rough, thick and of a grey-brown color with a distinct dark yellowish rump patch.  In the summer, the coat changes color to reddish-brown. 

Only stags have a thick neck and carry antlers.  The antlers start to grow in early spring and are shed at the end of winter.  
Antlers can grow to a huge size with a rough surface and in some cases, with the fourth or fifth tine forming a basket.  Red deer normally stay in the same sex group for most of the year. 
During the rut however, mature stags fight for control of their harems.  Rival stags challenge their opponents by belling and walking side by side. 
 If neither stag backs down, a crash of antlers can occur, sometimes causing serious injuries.  Only mature stags hold harems and during the rut, they rarely feed loosing up to 20% of their body weight.