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The pike-perch is a common and popular game fish in Europe, and also, in Spain.The abundance of the food and the variety of vegetation in the banks and bottom of the river guarantee a wide range of species, which reach an important size, in the reservoirs Mequinenza and Ribarroja (River Ebro, Spain). We think in these circumstances nobody can doubt in the size of pike-perches, in the waters of these two reservoirs. You could never imagine this is the same reservoir. You can find here different colour of water, various types of bottom, different bank width and even vegetation, and all these within the same environment. When we speak about the area between Chiprana and Escatrón, in Mequinenza reservoir, it means about 20 km of river and reservoir with the dense vegetation and nature everywhere with abundant food for the pike-perch or sander, where there is no fishing pressure due to the difficult access.

Fishing Pike Perch  | See the pictures below