Fellow Outdoorsmen/women;
Fall has arrived on the Iberian peninsula and with it, a new upland/small game season. We would like to invite you to come and experience one of our driven Red Legged Partridge hunts, a hunt for Pheasants or Waterfowl.

The driven Red Legged Partridge hunt is an experience of a lifetime and has its deep roots in the Spanish culture and our hunting traditions. It will test your shooting skills as well as your agility. You will also get to stay at one of our comfortable lodges, serving you the regional cuisine which will further enhance your trip. Our highly experienced staff will be welcoming you from the moment you arrive, making sure everything works out to your satisfaction and that you will take home unforgettable lifetime memories, longing to return.
We are looking forward to your visit this Fall.

Spanishdrivenpartridge and the staff at Ibexhuntspain