IBEXHUNTSPAIN is a professional hunting company established by Valeriano Bellés in 2004. Its exclusive purpose is hunting game trophies throughout Spain. They are located in the mountains of Tortosa Beceite, we are in contact with Ibex “twenty x seven”, it is their life.
Valeriano Bellés is a professional hunter and the founder of IbexHunSpain and Transtrophy. His passion for hunting is part of our family tradition and he has dedicated his life to hunting on five continents. His profound knowledge of the terrain has made him one of the best stalking specialists in Spain.

Ibexhuntspain has hunting concessions all over the country for the broad range of magnificient game animals available in Spain: 4 subspecies of Spanish Ibex (Tortosa Beceite, Gredos, Southeastern and Ronda), Balear Goat , Barbary Sheep, Mouflon Sheep, Pyrenean and Cantabrian Chamois, Red Deer, Fallow Deer, Wild Boar and Roe Deer. Her organization is ready to arrange “Driven Partridge” hunts and “Walking Partridge” hunts with dogs, both typical and authentic Partridge hunting modalities in Spain, an outstanding country for its climate, game species, its people and gastronomy, rich in beautiful landscapes which will make your hunt an unforgettable experience. Fishing in Spain is also available.

They have around 45.000 hectares of self-management areas in Tortosa-Beceite and Maestrazgo . IBEXHUNTSPAIN offers the possibility to make the Grand Slam of Spanish Ibex in the same trip. I know that personally Valeriano Bellés has served International hunters for more than 15 years.

All the hunting expeditions are managed and organized by him and a professional team, very qualified people with a lot of experience in hunting in Spain and around the world. They have a very competent group of employees who will help us to make your hunting a great success.
It is the only hunting company in Spain which has an export service TRANSTROPHY . They prepare all the necessary and right documentation and certificates to send the hunted trophies to the place of your preference.

They are a very serious and professional company. If you think about travelling to Spain to get here the new hunting experience, do not hesitate to contact them. They will be very pleased to show you their way of hunting, their competence and professionalism.

Ibexhuntspain is a member of and supports several hunting organizations including Wild Sheep Foundation ,Safari Club International and Grand Slam Club Ovis, promoting wildlife conservation, and hunter education.

Come, let us transform your visit to Spain into an unforgettable adventure

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