Castellón is Spanish coastal province where you will find many excellent beaches, the famous rice-based cuisine and the well-known name within the tourism industry “Costa del Azahar” where many people spend quiet holidays in the sun and close to the sea. Near these beaches stands an immense mountain range parallel to our Mediterranean Sea and which stretches from Valencia to Tarragona and reaches deep in the terrain of the province of Teruel. It is so called TORTOSA Beceite area.

It is a good place to hunt the Spanish Ibex. These are the areas in the interior of the province where the landscape, generally rough and often tormented with strong slopes, hills and ravines, with the few existing farmlands, is crossed by the old abandoned terraces, what, as a hole, creates a particular landscape and a real dry-stone architecture.

There, within this framework of incommensurable nature, lives the main protagonist SPANISH IBEX. Observing the landscape we can see the groups of goats, in which one can distinguish the dominant ibex surrounded by females and by any other faithful male squire. In the privileged occasions and at the time of the rut one can hear the hoarse and the strong sound of two sharp horns colliding, that later if lucky to see two males fighting for the coveted harem.
Thus it is advisable the time of the heat between the second half of November and early January (depending on the year) when there is a lot of movement of animals as there are gathering males and females to mate and you can easily match a good goat. In the rest of the year the females tend to separate, first to give birth alone, or gathered all together watch the little kids from the previous year. When youngsters reach three or four years they tend to join a group of males that wander in solitude male group. But what every hunter tries to find in spring is a great solitary male that has not been seen in the zeal and that sooner or later will show his huge antlers from any cliff revealing its majesty. So we also suggest dates between the second fortnight of March and early May.
Thus we enter into the world full of wild animals, with no barriers, in absolute freedom and without any human control of the natural animals’ behaviour; the goats run, jump and hide in the high cliffs in every corner of the province of Castellón. They eat here and there, walk miles, change places depending on the season, the weather and they always stay here, as only here they have a big variety of edible plants and there is always enough food at any time of a year. You can always see, if you have the main virtue of a hunter – the patience, the imposing silhouette of a male with his horns challenging the sky on the edge of a ridge and demonstrating its lush power between the mountains.

Stalking as a hunting mode is great and unsurpassable because the hunter can fully enjoy according to his physical conditions, as the great variety of the areas is suitable for all types of hunters. Some of them are easily accessible and others let you to experience really tough stalk in the high mountains and where the difficulty increases little by little, not only because of the increase of height, but also because of the rugged terrain, ravines and cliffs, and thus is actually increasing the difficulty of this type of hunting; usually you have good view, which allows you an easy visual access to the piece, but then you have to work hard to make a good entry and to get the best shoot position, and sometimes it will be too difficult to succeed. You will have to take into account many common weather changes in these wonderful mountains which only nature controls and it can play some little jokes with us, sending rain, snow and wind changes that can reveal our position. These are unique and memorable moments as you can be hunting at 500 to 1400 meters height, to enjoy the wonderful landscapes, to see the sea and the Ebro River delta, eat paella, enjoy the sea breeze on one of our beaches and to sleep later in a comfortable setting surrounded by magnificent mountains. After a hard day you can enjoy a little relax at any of the placements that have the province. All the above mentioned, together with the main attraction – the great Tortosa Beceite Spanish Ibex is the principal attraction for the international hunters.

The whole area has a variety of hotels and lodgings of the high quality and comfort making them ideal for anyone.