Red Legged Driven Partridges in Spain


 A typical Spanish red-legged partridge hunt is when beaters drive the birds

Enabling you to shoot hundreds of them from one position.


You will be assisted by people called ”secretarios” who supply partridges, load the guns, and pick up the birds while providing all kinds of comforts.


  This method of hunting is called “ojeo” in Spanish.

Finuala Flanagan Barrett

 Spanish Driven Partridges 

 We also offer driven red legged partridge, pheasant and ducks shooting in the Balearic Islands (Palma de Mallorca), which can be combined with hunting on the Balear goat.



Once the hunt is finished you will enjoy a typical Spanish lunch “migas” and then, if you like, you can go walk-hunting accompanied by game handlers and well trained dogs. 



 We own special hunting areas with small lowlands located on the medium size mountain chains where it is possible to make great shoots.