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Vasyl Goshovskyy · Handmade knives

 I am Vasyl Goshovskyy, knifemaker from the Ukraine, actually living in Torreblanca – Spain. Since many years I’m a full time cutom knifemaker, allways searching for perfect grind lines, polishings and ergonomics.

I do stock removal knives from first class stainless steels as ATS34, RWL34, 440C, Böhler N-690 or carbon steels as D2.
I hope you enjoy my knives, as I do making them.


Lifetime Guarantee

I offer for my knives a lifetime guarantee. If one of my knives will break using it as a cutting tool, I will replace or fix the knife.


D2 is a carbon steel with a high content of chrome (12%),with these 12% of chrome it is much more rust resistant than other traditional carbon steels. D2 is highly wear-resistant. The combination of this wear-resistance, being nearly stainless and a hardeness of over 60HRC makes him a perfect blade steel.


ATS-34 is a high quality stainless steel, used by many knifemakers of the 90’s. ATS-34 is the japanese version (Hitachi) of 154-CM by Crucible, the prefered steel of Bob Loveless. Hardened to about 60 – 61HRC, it permits a very good, long lasting edge and even with this hardness it’s still elastic.


Böhler N690 has 17% of chrome and a high content of molybdaneum. It has added vanadium and cobalt, wich act as a grain refiner and so permit a very fine and long lasting edge, with a very high resistance to stain. Hardness 59 – 60HRC.


RWL34 from the swedish company Damasteel, is a stainless powder metallurgic steel (CPM) with a very fine and homogenic grain and hardness between 60HRC and 61HRC.This steel permits an impressive mirrow polish.


The well known 440C steel was the favorite knifemaker steel in the 80’s. Having 1,04% of carbon, it’s not as resistant to rust as 440A or B, but permits a much finer edge and higher hardness. 440C is more rust resistant than ATS-34 but will not hold the edge as well and is a little more brittle than ATS-34. Hardness 59HRC.

 Vasyl Goshovskyy